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Tournament: Asgard WMW Qualifier game 4

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Game 3 my opponent was on call and had to leave, so I got to watch TorkaThor get beaten by Nick's skorne (who would end up winning the overall qualifier... even though he didn't have a wooden avatar!)

Game 4 was a rematch of the space city con pvlad player, although this time he dropped conquest for another gun carriage and beast.

He used his feat to stuff beast into the uhlans who were hiding behind a wall; I tried to clear him off with markov, but didn't get the crit knockdown.

Uhlans that were out of beast's reach went and killed one GC, the nyss annoyed the other who would eventually get taken out by drago.

He was able to clear my infantry out pretty well, by the time I used my feat, one uhlan was pointing the wrong way to get to beast, so the other had to go kill valachev and threaten vlad. I had an opportunity to get a CP since behemoth was out, but a single feated uhlan plus a backstabbing kayazy wasnt going to be enough to get beast, and I didn't want to commit vlad.

He switched up to BoK at an appropriate time to reduce the effectiveness of the (non-feated) uhlan and eliminator who got in on him. He still tried to hand me the game when he charged beast into eVlad and failed to kill him (I personally would have S&P instead of BoK at that point, imprinted and rolled 4 dice to hit). behemoth stood still to finish drago. Instead of blocking a charge lane, a mech went over to try and heal beast, and he bumped behemoth over in the process; I said no way, you moved behemoth, there was a clear charge lane from eVlad to pVlad.

I already had martial paragon up from the previous turn, I had 8 focus because of beast's attacks, I was at evlad hulk out level2.

Charged pvlad, had 4 chances to roll an 11 on 4 dice, didn't get it.

He tried yet again to give me the game by moving pvlad up into his non-reach melee range, I hit him with the defensive strike since i'm still rolling 3 even out of activation and his BoK wasn't up. I ask him how much damage I need to roll to kill him, he says 6. Rolled a 4 and a 1.

Clearly there were things I could have done better earlier in the match (split the uhlans up more, go all out for vlad instead of messing with his heavies at all, make sure he was actually in the killbox turn 2)... but at some point, the dice just say no.

50pts Vlad2 loss vs Khador

Tournament: Asgard WMW Qualifier game 2

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i rolled dice for my list, came up evlad. opponent had
couple stormcallers

Scenario was supply and demand, which I'm not sure if I've played but maybe once. It didn't really sink in to me how winnable it was by just jamming and controlling your zone while running a model in to touch their objective, and by the time I realized it and started grabbing CP, I was already down on attrition.

To be fair, we both made quite a few other mistakes. I epically failed against his gunmages with my HoF nyss early on, tried to rely on hand of fate to roll 9s for me instead of CRAing and didn't kill but maybe 1 or 2 of them. I knew I could get 2 uhlans in on his stormwall turn 2, but was about 1/4" out on the third one; probably should have saved the feat. He counterfeated and removed most of the remaining uhlans, but wasn't able to take out important systems on drago.

I used markov to remove a model that was blocking LoS to siege, and moved eiryss up to take a shot at him. Ended up being out of range due to covering fire reducing how far I could move up. I had been planning to cra him with the nyss just to get some damage on him, but an onlooker pointed out that cylena was one of the models I had derpily lost to blasts by clumping her up too much the turn before. Drago on his own did an amazing amount of damage to stormwall due to getting a crit amputation; if I had shot him with eiryss and charged him with markov as well, it could have finished him.

I finally had the presence of mind to control my objective with vlad and grab a CP; but over the next 2 turns he was able to start getting CP and destroy the rest of my army. I realized I probably could have killed the objective with vlad (hey, its not an attack, so he would still have gotten stat bonuses from being damaged by the explosion), but he said he probably would have just force hammered me off of the zone if I had. Vlad ended up killing stormwall just to get a pyhrric victory, lost on CP.

Moral of this story is I need to make sure I play all of the scenarios more often, even the un-fun ones like this.

50pts Vlad2 loss vs Cygnar

Battle Report 94

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had my regular eVlad list, opponent had

2x mha
cav solo
arcanist & etc.

Scenario was 3 flags. He used his feat turn 2, but didn't push far enough towards the flags to really cause me much scenario pressure. I basically just repositioned my uhlans between the middle and left flag that remained, pushed my kayazy into his sentinels and my nyss into his MHSF. I ran the eliminators over the top of everything to go engage his banshee and a clump of MHSF.

MHSF with 3man CMA and backstrike bonus couldn't get rid of the eliminators, banshee ended up doing the job himself. He later realized that eliminator free strikes arent exactly fearsome, so he could have walked away as long as he either left banshee within no-charge range, or got kaelyssa far enough away from the feat range of the eliminators. He did his best to get rid of the kayazy, but phoenix was only able to combust a couple of them, and sentinels didn't roll 9s. More or less hid kaelyssa behind the cav solo.

I wasn't exactly sure how many kayazy were going to be able to get in - one was definitely in, and there were two more that were questionable. I feated on em all, they all had the range, that's all she wrote.

I think the thing for him to do would be push harder on the scenario if he was going to feat turn two; otherwise give me one of his jacks early in exchange for my feat, counter-feat and kill as much of my stuff as possible.

50pts Vlad2 vs Retribution win

I had evlad left, opponent had pvlad, a&h with valachev, behemoth, conquest, guncarriage. scenario was overrun.

He got crit dev on my uhlans hiding behind a wall top of turn 2, which rather screwed things up for me - not so much the loss of the one that was directly hit, but having to waste a turn standing them all back up and repositioning them. I think I would have been better off moving them the full 8 inches rather than setting them up again behind the wall, because Conquest was getting eryiss bombed that next turn anyway and wouldn't have been able to boost against them; as it was, he had to waste all his attacks trying to get rid of eiryss + as many kayazy as he could.

I had at least one or two kayazy left in feated range of pvlad, but derped and feated before moving up so didn't catch as many as I should have, charged one in and ran the other one in to threaten him. Uhlans occupied conquest, nyss continued to draw the attention of behemoth and the GC. He tried to kill off the kayazy with BoK vlad, but the boss survived. I could have (and probably should have) used transference to fully boost both of the boss' attacks, but instead gambled that conquest would miss one of the uhlans with a free strike and put HoF up on them, since pow 16 is much much better for cracking arm than a non-gang pow 10. Conquest splattered them. I got one more chance on him the last turn with a Hand of Fated markov, but the dice weren't with me. Conquest finally got to eVlad and splattered him.

Given my later experience against this same player with basically the same list, I'm thinking that against this low of a model count, the thing to do is just ignore it all and run after vlad as fast as possible, leaving one or two infantry in b2b with the big guys to stop em from getting the aiming bonus or moving & shooting.

50pts Vlad2 loss vs Khador

Tournament: Space City Con Tiers game 3

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Opponent had
3 hunters (one on journeyman)
long gunners

Scenario was 3 flags.

Immediately I thought 3 hunters was going to be a problem. He gave me the solution when he ran all of them turn one, one into a forest, the other two behind a wall. Yeah, protection is good, but HoF widowmakers dont give a crap, and shot the arm off of the one in the forest. My leading great bear was just in range to hit one of the hunters behind the wall, I was able to get 1 feated uhlan to finish it and another feated uhlan to badly damage the other one.

Honestly the game was all but over at that point - he feated and rolled 15 cras with long gunners that did very little against def18-20 uhlans in cover or elevation. precursors got up in the mix and eventually killed some uhlans, but my IFP were able to clear and hold the left flag and drago + bears were able to clear and hold the center flag.

35pts Vlad2 vs Cygnar win

Tournament: Space City Con Tiers game 2

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Opponent had
Black Ivan
WGI without jo

Scenario was close quarters.

He was able to drift some aoes onto my widows early and take them out, I need to space them out more.

I had put my uhlans behind a wall in the middle of the board. He charged them with conquest, but was only in range to get one of them on the far right side, at least mostly because he wanted conquest to toe into my zone. There was a bit of an argument about whether i should get the +2 melee defense across the wall, since one of conquest's arcs was unobstructed, The judge ruled against me, then came back later and apologized; ultimately it was not game changing in the slightest since he still had more focus to kill it, and I wish i had just let the matter drop.

He had pretty much given me the game by not stuffing the Uhlans with conquest. There were a couple of WGI in the way between the uhlans and Hark, Markov blew them up with his AoE, charging at an oblique angle so as not to block the lane. Vlad was right behind the uhlans such that he didn't have a clear lane to charge for extra distance, and might not have been able to get his control bubble close enough to hark with an advance, which I really wanted to do in order to get transference. So I then herp-derped and tried to lose the game by saying "vlad runs over here to get distance and feats... oh shit." Even without the feat, one of the uhlans still got in and hurt hark pretty badly despite his feat arm. The rest ran up there and threatened him. After that I did damage control as best I could - drago charged in on black ivan and took out his claw (I neglected a crit, which would have done even more). IFP and bears charged in on conquest to try and keep him occupied.

He was contemplating running away with hark into a nearby forest, but might have boxed himself if he did. The wgi tried to deal with the uhlans and couldn't, conquest swiped a huge swath of my dudes instead of shooting at vlad. Ivan's claw being out meant he didn't bother to go after vlad with that.

Next turn the uhlans got the feat, used markov's elite cadre to maneuver through themselves sufficiently to get 3 of them on hark, killed him.

Really, I got lucky that the failed feat turn didn't screw me, and that he didn't just run conquest up to stuff the uhlans.

35pts Vlad2 vs Khador win

Tournament: Space City Con Tiers game 1

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I was playing eVlad tier list as my single list.
max ifp
max uhlans

First game was against Ret
2 x MHA
arcanist or some such

Coming in, I thought how in the hell am I going to win this - its overrun, so scenario is out, one turn of no charge should be enough for him to screw me badly.

I managed to kill off one MHA with HoF widowmakers, the other with an uhlan (it was either out of the feat bubble, or I was able to advance and kill it). MHSF got tied up in IFP. He was able to kill one uhlan with banshee. Narn charged another; the distance was right on the edge, but I gave it to him, especially because i (mistakenly) thought banshess no charge bubble was unit not model, and that was the only uhlan in range). Otherwise he really didn't do much damage on his feat turn.

I was out of range to get the Uhlans under HoF, so I ran the wardog in between us, charged the wardog to get the distance, put HoF on the Uhlans, feated on them and the wardog, and therefore missed my charge attack against the def:stupid wardog :). Uhlans wrecked banshee, putting them in position to threaten kaelyssa. One bear charged the phoenix, drago with assail finished him off (i had given him focus, but he didn't need it). The other bears failed miserably at killing a couple of MHSF which would have forced a command check and possibly given me a control point.

I had left him a charge on Vlad with narn, but I was counting on defensive strike and it didn't let me down - narn charged in and vlad popped him. After that, he tried to block kaelyssa off with a model or two, but the remaining HoF uhlans killed her after i tried (and failed again) to kill off the last couple of MHSF for the control point.

35pts Vlad2 vs Retribution win

Battle Report 92

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played an eVlad tier list against eMakeda

normally wardog but I forgot the model
max uhlans
min ifp + UA (trying this instead of max)


He left PGBH a little too exposed early on, I shot all but one of them to death with the widowmakers. minifeated my ifp up, but honestly a min unit only leaves 3 shield wall blobs... probably not worth. I also forgot about the no free strikes part of feat, so IFP weren't really preventing much.

I don't think he really knew that stuffing uhlans was more important, otherwise he would have run nihilators up to them instead of killing the IFP and 1 leading uhlan. Talked with him a lot about how to plan out his order of operations, not so much about target priority. He went after Drago with the bronzeback, but had to beat back through an ifp and couple of widowmakers to get to him, so didn't quite finish him. Tried to slam a widow + follow up with the gladiator to get onto drago and finish him, but bumped into some models. A good plan in general, but honestly drago with both arms out isn't much of a threat, unlike beasts I cant heal him.

So next turn I just walked drago out to take the free strike, which killed him and got him out of the way. Bears charged in and killed the gladiator, markov blew up the most problematic nihilators with his AoE. Couple feated uhlans charged in and left the BB on one box because I forgot to put hand of fate on them.. doh.

He was able to take down the bears with the swordsmen who had been trudging through a forest, feated Uhlans lived through the BB and finished him next turn, makeda and cyclops finished those.

Endgame came down to a couple of swordsmen in the way between vlad and makeda, but not enough to block LOS + reach. I had positioned markov behind makeda on the other side of a wall. I started talking through whether to charge up with vlad or try to get the crit knockdown with markov attacking the cyclops near makeda. Decided to go with the more interesting option of markov, he asked how I was going to get over the wall - I thought markov had boundless charge but he doesn't. I asked him if he minded if I dropped transference instead of paying for the upkeep since i wasn't going to be able to use it on markov; he said I had helped him out with plenty of stuff so he didn't mind. Turned out I really shouldn't have asked that because vlad needed every last focus to finish makeda. Honestly would have been his game anyway if he had screened her a little better with the swordsmen.

Big take aways for me - min ifp arent good in this list, it needs max for warm bodies in the way. markov may be the best option for clearing holes in lines, but need to remember he doesn't get pathfinder.

35pts Vlad2 vs Skorne win

Opponent was another austin regular, running eDenny and two min units of steelhead riflemen along with the usual cryx suspects. Scenario was outflank, so I went with evlad again b/c of reinforcements.

We were both a little punch drunk, but my mistakes (like forgetting about power booster on the warwitch, and expecting eiryss disruption on his bonejack to actually stick) were more minor than his (he probably could have gotten a CP earlier than he did).

I was able to weather his feat turn pretty well, because he wasn't able to get my whole army under it, and I had enough shooting that I could still snipe out quite a few biles. He purged all over his own stuff with the remaining bile to clear out the west zone, but my feated uhlans got back in, nommed his jacks, and made themselves hard to kill out of that zone. On the east side, the IFP reinforcements and eliminators wrecked face. He ran a pistol wraith in to try and salvage one more turn, but vlad was able to charge a grunt and razor wind it to death for the win on CP.

50pts Vlad2 vs Cryx win

My opponent was a local (in fact, for the second series of the day, all of my opponents were from austin, a rather weird coincidence that was echoed by the other austin players I talked to) running psev, errants, and battle engine against evlad (so pretty much a copy of the first match of the day). Scenario was restoration, which I'm honestly not sure I've played before.

I pointed out the error about "cant be targeted during the first turn" instead of first round, but TOs said to play it as written. I considered trying to shoot up the objective to damage it early, but even with HoF nyss cant actually kill it, so I decided to go after his errants first. Of course, I forgot yet again to shoot d-ward off of them first, resulting in not many kills. He got some awesome blasts off from the vanquisher on the bunched up nyss next turn.

I had decided I wanted to go after the scenario, to get the CPs, so I used my feat to blow up the objective and jam his reckoner and vanquisher out of the zone. Drago slammed blessing of vengeance out of the zone; it had vision up on it, but that didn't really matter for my plan. I had enough attacks left to kill the errants holding the corner of the zone, got the first CP.

He wasn't able to get blessing back in because of the kayazy on him, wasnt able to get his heavies back in because of the arm:stupid uhlans in their way, but he was able to get the battle engine and the remainder of the errants in.

I thought for sure based on vlad's control area that drago had charge distance on the battle engine, so I loaded him up and fell a quarter inch or so short. 2 remaining nyss did some insane damage rolls on the engine, but after all was said and done, it still had 4 boxes left. Looked at charging vlad in on it, but he was bogged down in a forest near my objective; really if I had the presence of mind to just toe him in for the def bonus, instead of actually being in it, that would have been game.

Came down to vlad against blessing, the reckoner, and his support. I wasted a turn running over to engage sevvy, who did the smart thing and just camped, ran away, and went after the objective with the reckoner. Would have been better off just killing one of the jacks with vlad. I had totally thrown away eiryss by forgetting about defensive strike on blessing earlier, otherwise I could have attacked a jack & moved eiryss up to deny focus allocation.

As it was, I ran vlad back in the zone and started taunting him to come kill me. My opponent, who has lost some close games against my evlad, was convinced I was trying to trick him out of winning the game in some way. Once he tried and the defense started going up and the blood tokens started coming out, he just slammed him out of the zone to win on CP.


50pts Vlad2 loss vs Menoth

I went with evlad because it was a reinforcements scenario, I had stuck kayazy in the irusk reinforcements not really intending to play them. opponent had rahn, the battle engine, phoenix, griffin, sentinels, mages, mhsf, with a heavy (banshee?) as reinforcements.

One interesting thing I learned early was that eiryss' 5" aura doesn't apply to myrmidons, even enemy ones; for some reason I thought it was friendly faction. So trying to deny his reinforcement positioning / focus didn't really work out for me.

I went after his mittens with the nyss, mhsf retaliated but my reinforced IFP cleaned them up. On the other side of the board, he got some horribly unlucky deviation rolls and killed a third of his own sentinels. My feat turn took out phoenix and the rest of the sentinels.


Ended up that I was going to win on scenario, but he was super good-natured, encouraged me to kill as much of his other stuff as possible for the army points. Couldn't get the battle engine but was able to kill rahn with kayazy and get the battlegroup.

Cool guy, very laid back, really nicely painted army too.

50pts Vlad2 vs Retribution win

The lists I brought were pretty similar to L&L, swapping spriggan out for drago in the evlad list, and devastator out for uhlans in the irusk list.

Nyss + valachev
kayazy + boss
Reinforcements IFP

wgi + jo

Opponent for first game was playing pSev, errants, battle engine. Scenario was overrun as I recall. I went with eVlad.

He didn't know eVlad could dispel clouds, thought sev was safe on a hill behind a gorman cloud. There was way too much discussion, first about whether drago had a line to slam his jack over him, secondly about whether the uhlans had a clean charge lane and whether it was subject to free strikes. I finally just said look, I obviously have a line that will put at least one uhlan on him with reach, forget about impact attacks. Take your free strike; if you kill the first one I've got at least 2 more where that came from. Free strike missed on the first uhlan, charge attack alone did enough damage to one-shot him even if the nyss hadn't already wounded him.


My big mistakes in that game, besides getting embroiled in unnecessary discussions, were 1. not shooting defender's ward off of the errants with eiryss before shooting them with nyss and 2. not killing other stuff before Sev; its a good idea not to make the assassination attempt the last action of the turn, but I should have taken my other uhlan attacks once they were committed, for the army points destroyed.

50pts Vlad2 vs Menoth win

Battle Report 75

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Same scenario, we changed up our lists - eThag with a balanced mix of heavies and lessers, vs my eVlad list, but with spriggan and dog swapped out for eiryss and drago.

I lost eiryss early, had a chance to snipe off dragon's blood but didnt think it was worth it since I wasnt going to be able to hit his carni with enough stuff that turn; should have moved her back farther.

His feat turn stuffed me near the back of my zone pretty well. Surprisingly, the nyss, kayazy, and widowmakers were able to clear enough stuff to actually get feat and charge bonus on at least some of the uhlans. Nyss + HoF were rockstars, actually, killing 2 heavies in melee. Drago managed to take out the dragon's blood carni without losing any systems to spiny growth. Overall, not bad performance for having been totally jammed up.

I managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in 2 ways: one, i left a ravagore alive with a line on vlad; I had run markov up to get in the way but hadnt positioned him well enough to actually totally block LoS. I got lucky and the fire went out the next turn though.

The real killer mistake was going after eThag once he only had 2 lessers left, and forgetting again about him spitting out another transfer target. He was in his eruption of ash cloud, and I was a little confused about its placement - I thought he was outside of it and thus blocking LoS to my uhlans. I moved vlad just close enough to dispel it, went after him with uhlans and kayazy, and didn't finish him because of the lesser transfer. Obviously would have been much better off just running vlad away (I need to remember his speed goes up when damaged as well) or even dispelling the cloud and charging a widowmaker or something to get away. I had left myself outside of melee threat range, but not spell range, and thag managed to fly out taking a few free strikes that didn't drain enough transfer fury to stop him from scourging vlad to death.

50pts Vlad2 loss vs Legion

Opponent had eVlad, conquest, battle engine, demo corps, doomies, 2 units of eliminators. Strangely, as I found out later, so did his teammate...

At any rate, I got my feat turn off first. I sort of idly went after his evlad hiding behind a wall with non-feated nyss (cause I had upkept hand of fate) and widowmakers, left him on 4 boxes. The main thrust of my feat turn was to blow up his objective to keep him from scoring, blow up his battle engine, and run a feated uhlan into his conquest to keep it from advancing or aiming.


He counter-feated on his demo corps and killed a few nyss and uhlans. The result was a fairly big tangle of medium and large bases in the middle, with his vlad behind them. I would win on scenario unless he was able to kill my objective. I didn't think he'd quite be able to do it with just the conquests guns an the eliminators, but I didn't want to give him the chance, so I went ahead and went after evlad. Unfortunately, def 17 is pretty hard to hit, and it wasn't until I had already sent my last eliminator in (and missed) that I saw what I needed to have done to begin with... once I moved my uhlans out of the way, spriggan was in slam distance of a demo corps. Slam hit, got the distance thanks to assail. I didn't really have anything left to charge him after the demo corps knocked vlad over, but the collateral damage itself would have a chance of finishing him. I asked him how much he was camping. "Ok, kills on a 9"


(yes, that blurry sideways picture is of the 9 i rolled)

Fitting end to the tournaments for the weekend. Due to my loss with Irusk we didn't place in the team tourney, but I was glad everyone got a chance to play anyway, especially since I was the only one from our group who managed to make it into pre-reg.

50pts Vlad2 vs Khador win

Opponent had Rahn, scenario was three flags.

I got first, bet very heavily on the east side, counting on feat speed to compensate if the west flag disappeared. Ran uhlans up onto a hill in the middle, nyss vlad and spriggan between the middle and east flag.


Of course, the east flag disappeared. Opponent moved up, stuffed the uhlans up a bit with an MHA, killed a few kayazy with arced chain blast. He then put up polarity shield on Phoenix instead of on rahn, and that's really all that needs to be said about that game.

Managed to clear out the MHA despite being dumb about nyss positioning. I tried for a critical with markov on the infantry model near phoenix to KD and prevent free strike, didn't get it. The free strike didn't stop feated uhlans from eating rahn. I guess turn 2 caster kills aren't much fun, but he was good natured about it.

50pts Vlad2 vs Retribution win

I told my last opponent I had had a couple of disagreeable games, and really just wanted to make sure my last game was fun and had good clear communication. After picking his list, he looked at what we had on the board, and said "You know what this is? It's a lover's quarrel!"


Big fist bump for pointing out the eSorscha vs eVlad thing, I could tell he was gonna be fun to play against.

Scenario was process of elimination.


I figured he could just stick conquest between the two zones and contest them both, but he didn't end up doing that, keeping him on the west zone instead. I knew feated uhlans had a 50/50 shot of wrecking conquest in one turn, but preferred to just ignore him unless he forced the issue.

I had an early opportunity to get uhlans on sorscha hiding on the other side of a wall, but there were toughed WGI in between her and me. I knew that trying to impact attack tough models was a bad idea, but went for it anyway, and they toughed. I had screwed up my widows order of activation, because I had a brain fart and thought the manhunter that had run up to within 1.5" of the leader was yuri with reach, otherwise I might have been able to get another couple of attacks on the WGI.

I was still able to clear out the east zone and score a CP. I think we both misunderstood how process of elimination worked, because he felt like he had to kill vlad or lose on CP, and I had been largely ignoring the conquest in the west zone, having just charged one feated uhlan into it to stop it from advancing. In retrospect, it probably would have been better to go after the conquest on feat turn, then play for scenario as hard as possible. It offensively didn't do much of anything, but still would have been a lot of boxes to clear out of the zone without the extra feat oomph.

At any rate, he feated, tried to shoot up vlad with conquest and sorscha, couldn't get it done, but finished him with a big wgi cra. Good game, good opponent, and as he put it, "you know the woman was going to win that argument."

35pts Vlad2 loss vs Khador

I had been talking with the other undefeated player, a cool guy playing Khador. We had expected to play each other since the TO said we could have a clear winner this round, but didn't realize there was a third undefeated player, playing Ret.

Scenario was Demolition


My main mistake was backing Vlad up turn 1. Because of the extra deployment range in my tier, I just didn't want to give him the option of going after vlad, even if it was a long shot mathematically speaking.

After he killed enough IFP to break them, but failed to kill my uhlans, he put up a cloud to block LoS to his banshee. I charged vlad up intending to wind blast it out of the way, but was literally a millimeter short of my control area. This was a direct consequence of having moved back first turn, otherwise the banshee would have been scrapped by feated uhlans. I went ahead and feated anyway, did what I could against the models in LoS. Minor screwup in not feating on the IFP leader to give him enough command to automatically rally.

The second major fubar came towards the end of the game. I was discussing how I could salvage control points. There were a couple of MHSF near the objective, but all within reach range of a charging vlad. Drago and 2 uhlans were in the zone, his only model in the zone was the banshee. I mentioned all of this, he said "but how are you going to score the zone?" I pointed out that drago was in (like, half of his base was in, no arguing mm here). He said "but you have to be completely within to control." This made no sense to me, so I called over a judge, much to my opponent's exasperation. The judge said "yeah, you have to be within to contest, but completely within to control". At this point I felt like I was in the twilight zone (have I really been playing it wrong all this time?), but went along with it because I had left most of my stuff, aside from my tray of minis, in my hotel room, including the rules packet.

So I went ahead and took free strikes on the uhlans to move them out of the way enough for drago to get completely in, got into an argument about how I moved them, resulting in them not getting to attack banshee. Even if I had thought about ride-by, it wouldn't have been an option because of banshee's no orders bubble. Drago left banshee alive, so no CP for me, no controlling the objective, no 5" AoE from the objective to finish off the last of the MHSF.

He started going after vlad, I asked him why he was rolling three dice to hit, he said because of his feat, which I neither heard him declare nor saw a token out for. It was pretty loud in the room, and it was a pretty obvious time to use it, so I let it slide. Angry elves did vlad in, and that was that.

Maybe the uhlans would have finished off the last of banshee's boxes, maybe not. What's certain is that once I got a chance to search through it, the SR2012 document does not contain the phrase "completely within" at all.

Maybe it's because I had a bad taste in my mouth from the last game, maybe it's because of the rules screw-ups, but he was not a fun opponent to play against, from a quality of communication point of view. Obviously nowhere near as outright bad as the previous opponent, but constantly strained communication. I don't think it was just me either, because the aforementioned khador player walked up to me after the tourney and told me he would much rather have played against me in the final.

I think my main takeaways from this are:

1. This game is about protecting your warcaster, but sometimes you just need to run vlad upfield turn 1, even if the opponent can ignore focus overboosting. Fortune favors the bold.

2. When someone, even a judge, verbally tells you something that seems wrong, politely insist on finding the written rule, preferably in the SR document, rulebook, and errata that you are carrying with you everywhere. Don't do what I did and assume that since its a big privateer-run event that you can get away with not carrying a bunch of rules around with your already-overloaded tray of minis.

3. The best defense against poor communication is to play as cleanly as possible yourself. Ask if someone intended to use their feat while still in their warcaster's activation, even if that means you lose because you reminded them of something they would have otherwise forgotten. Don't expect any slack (part of what may have skewed things early is me saying i tend to throw infantry models around first turn, and to please let me know if anything seemed off).

35pts Vlad2 loss vs Retribution

Scenario was Bunkers (I believe, ended up being a non-factor, but it was a flank scenario). Opponent had a Mortenebra "tier 4" (more on this later) list.

Warwitch Siren
Reinforcements were Cankerworm.

So you may have noticed I've been generally complimentary of the attitude of everyone I played at Lock and Load. This guy was the exception that proves the rule. I don't want to blame behavior on the factions that people gravitate towards... our main local Cryx player is a cool guy, and the one other cryx player I played at L&L was cool. Maybe this guy was hungry or having a bad day or something, but he was consistently argumentative and dismissive of even the most basic requests for information.

I started off asking to see his cards early, not because I was totally unfamiliar with morty, but because I wanted to make sure I at least looked at all of his models rules again. He begrudgingly handed me a 3 ring binder full of unorganized cryx cards strewn across multiple pages of 9-card clear files. He then asked for them back almost immediately. When I asked him why, he said he still needed to pick reinforcements (reinforcements had to be chosen in advance and listed on the tourney sheets, mind you). He ended up settling on cankerworm, which as our aforementioned local cryx player pointed out later, isn't even legal in her tier. He then put the folder away, forcing me to ask him yet again for the cards.

Finally got past sitting around with someone who clearly wasn't interested in talking, and got the game started... first turn I baited DJ by putting drago in his range, to keep him away from my featable infantry and out of the west zone. I set the uhlans up in range to kill anything entering the east zone.

He took it, killed drago with DJ. Leviathan triggered overrun, seether took the movement and jammed up my uhlans, making sure to wiggle the model as far as possible between their bases after the charge, but was only able to kill one of them. I asked him why he had been getting boosted attacks, he said terminal velocity. Slayer moved up into the middle.

After his turn, i said, "so T.V. means the seether is in morty's control area? How big is that" (turns out T.V. is currently within, so this was a poor line of reasoning anyway, but he didn't correct me). "It's 14 inches, why?" "Because if it's in morty's control, and it's jammed up b2b with my uhlans, she's in their feated threat range". "Ok, whatever, I don't care." "Why?" "I'm not worried, they're all jammed up by that jack."

I very carefully walked the HoF widows over to the hill, making sure to clarify that morty did not have stealth, that they had LoS, and that they were not blocking an eventual straight charge lane from the uhlans. They shot up morty for about half her life.

Vlad feated on the uhlans and charged over to the seether leaving it on maybe 5 boxes. I was sweating, because Markov needed to finish it, but his AoE would hit the uhlans. The damage couldn't kill them with the feat arm / defensive line, but a crit knockdown would ruin me. Thankfully he hit without the crit and killed it.

My opponent asked again about the uhlans threat range, I broke down the numbers again. I measured out the charge before moving any models, got him to admit it was in range and a straight line. I was still sweating, because vlad had to use up his focus buying hits on the jack, I had nothing left to put HoF or transference boosts on the uhlans, and they are famously unreliable. It was out of impact attack range so I was only going to get one shot. Thankfully it hit.

"Ok, how many boxes does she have left." "I don't know, why?" "Can you count them please?" "Why?" "Because it matters, I want to know what I need to roll to kill". "Seven." "Ok, at dice +4, she's automatically dead even if I roll 3 ones. Good game."


I asked him afterwards for any feedback on the game, and all he could do was complain about how could vlad have gotten lucky enough to roll a 6 to hit the seether three times in a row.

35pts Vlad2 vs Cryx win

Second game was against an eButcher doomreaver swarm.

How the heck is eVlad gonna deal with that many doomies? Scenario was overrun, so any hope of a scenario victory was right out. He got first. I didn't see much other option than to haul up the field. Plinked a few doomies as best I could, ran vlad with 7 focus just inside the zone, blocked lanes as best I could. Ran the bears wide around a forest to try to draw off some of the doomies.

Opponent said "you realize you're in charge range of epic butcher, right?" I just shrugged and said, "yeah, but I don't really see another option." He then rolled a 1 for focus. He decided to feat and go for rage tokens. He murderized the IFP but wasn't able to finish the uhlans screening vlad.

However, now the uhlans were jammed by doomies, blocking vlad from getting to butcher. I looked at possibly using drago to slam his zerker over butcher, but we agreed the line would just miss butcher. So, I dropped everything except Hand of Fate, which allowed widowmakers to clear the key model out of the way, remaining uhlans charged and / or ran out of the way. Vlad charged in, put up martial paragon, and killed off butcher.


Considering the clock pressure he was under trying to run that many doomies, he was super polite about everything, including my confusion on some basic points of cavalry rules (fenris killed his charge target with an impact attack, continued his movement until he contacted another model, tying up even more stuff). In fact, he was such a good sport he reminded me to take my uhlan's charge attack against his caster. I had inadvertently skipped it since, because of order of activation issues, I wasn't going to be able to feat or put HoF on them, and mostly was concerned with getting them out of vlad's way.

I think this one was mostly down to his focus roll on turn 2. I don't think evlad's tier has the infantry clearing ability to deal with that list otherwise, and if he had just hid eButcher in a corner, it would have been a real mess. I will say that keeping HoF on widowmakers until feat turn seems to be very key for this list to solve issues caused by order of activation / removing key models.

35pts Vlad2 vs Khador win

I played eVlad for all of the tiers tourney, mostly because thats what fit with the models I brought to Seattle.

max uhlans
ifp w/o UA
reinforcements were a zerker, again b/c of space

First game was close quarters against

2 x cyclones marshalled
journeyman warcaster

phaley apparently can't take squire in her tier, so when she put up temporal barrier, 2 uhlans were just outside of it and well within their 16" threat range. Opponent was super cool about getting 2 feated uhlans in his caster's face turn 2, being helpful about measuring out exact range and positioning. He was obviously rewarded by the gods of good sportsmanship, because she actually lived through it.


As you can see, though, he was well and truly jammed out of the zone. Where did all my IFP go, you ask? Funny story, that. He had put down cyclone covering fire directly in front of the IFP, close enough that they could shieldwall and shimmy to stay b2b and get the bonus as they entered the aoe. I figured he needed 7s to kill, so I'd lose a little over half the unit, but wanted to jam up the stormblades even more.

He kept rolling 10s and 12s for damage, I thought it was so funny that even after I lost half the unit, I kept on pushing... in the end, the covering fire killed every single one except the unit leader.

Stormblades had lost some dudes to the other uhlans, so widowmakers came up to try and take out more of them. I started to shoot the standard, said, "eh, you'll just take it up anyway." He said, "no, I'd rather have the attacks" (although a cygnar player later told me it's one of the few standards that has an attack as well). So... I went ahead and plinked the standard. And he lost half the unit that turn. And they failed their command check. Which meant no jack marshal bonus that turn.

He did his best to shoot vlad with the cyclones and spell him with ehaley, but couldn't get it done, and had no way to get into the zone. I ended up winning on scenario.

In addition to being a cool guy, he had some sweet models. Well painted, fully magnetized heavies with positional magnets so that wrists wouldn't twist, etc.

35pts Vlad2 vs Cygnar win

Scenario was Incoming. Opponent and I agreed to have an eVlad vs 3Vlad throwdown

kayazy + boss
nyss + valachev


He didn't windwall first turn, I plinked 4 points off him with the widows which i think took him aback a bit. HoF nyss killed half his uhlans on the charge, and would finish the rest next turn by zephyring out and shooting.

His devastator RoD killed 3 kayazy or so, other jacks weren't in range to do much, uhlans obviously did nothing to the nyss once stuck in. Fenris failed miserably to hit kayazy, I think markov blew up a couple of the widows.

My spriggan blew up his objective on the charge. Kayazy charge left the devastator on 1 box. Man, I really wanted to get rid of it to prevent another RoD. Vlad moved up to control my objective, rolled a 6 for the feat. Put it on the uhlans and the remaining widowmaker. Widowmaker finished the devastator, uhlans killed his jacks in the zone. Opponent said that's 2 CP for you. I didn't notice until looking at the picture, but one of my nyss was out of the zone, so it should only have been 1 CP unless markov ran over to toe in.


Didn't end up being game changing - he looked at the situation, realized he had no way to get through the wall of feated uhlans and contest or destroy my objective. Tried to kill some stuff and said good game.

The mistake with the nyss would just have meant I won at the end of my turn instead of the end of his, but is something I should have kept a closer eye on.

So, what I thought was my weakest caster was 2-0, including a scenario and (basically) attrition win despite being seemingly best suited for assassination, while my strongest was 0-1... I certainly learned something from this experience.

Jake managed to barely squeak in to the masters finals at 15th or 16th place. I think throwing the rest of my games might have hurt his SoS enough to get our local Steve Garcia into his spot, but there's no way I would have done that, even if I had known in advance.

50pts Vlad2 vs Khador win

Next game was against a khador player who had pIrusk and eVlad as his unused casters. Scenario was overrun. Despite overrun being essentially unwinnable, and pIrusk being essentially impossible to assassinate, I wanted to get eVlad used up as soon as possible since he was my least familiar and (I thought) least reliable caster. My opponent a. didn't want to play evlad vs evlad and b. saw that I didn't have saxon (and forgot about uhlans having pathfinder) so went with pIrusk.

kayazy + boss
nyss + valachev



He forgot about HoF on the nyss, so they killed 3/4 of his widows turn 1. In fact, he forgot about HoF several times throughout the game, kept asking why I was rolling 3 dice. I eventually yelled "hand of fate"; even though it was freaking loud in there, that was kind of uncalled for, so I apologized about it afterwards.

Nyss then took care of most of the IFP, kayazy went into the AKs which is a bad matchup because of the stab-your-own-guy firebomb trick, but he was actually able to kill enough kayazy with aimed sprays that he didn't need to use it.

I used my feat to wreck his spriggan, kill a few MoW and stuff him at the edge of the zone. My spriggan would eventually have to finish off his jugg. I was putting continuous pressure on irusk with the eliminators, uhlans, and potshots from the leading edge of the nyss, he retreated towards the NE under inhospitable ground.

It came down to my mostly healthy spriggan, 1 widow, 2 nyss, 1 kayazy, markov, 1 eliminator, and 1 uhlan with only 1 health box that had been set on fire last turn, versus his 2 MoW, 5 Aks, eiryss, and 1 IFP.

Fire went out on the uhlan, I said "I upkept HoF last turn, right?" and he groaned. The widow took out the AK in the way between uhlan and irusk, I moved up vlad for transference on the hit roll, the uhlan popped him with an (admittedly good even for HoF) damage roll on the charge.


He said that he thought he could have gotten vlad on the next turn (it would probably have come down to the AKs fire roll, cause a single MoW cma probably wouldn't have done it, and the two of them swinging individually would have needed 10s and 11s to hit, even assuming he could clear markov and the kayazy and survive the counterstrike from vlad), but I figured it was worth the risk to put vlad in the zone to get transference. The single most important thing I took away from this game was that, despite it technically being an assassination victory, I managed to out-attrition irusk with evlad, which was an eye-opener for me.

50pts Vlad2 vs Khador win

Battle Report 67

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eVlad vs Scaverous

I went first, ran uhlans up the middle, kayazy on the east, nyss on the west. His croes killed an uhlan or two after scav arced icy grip onto them and hid himself behind a wall of 3 ogrun. Biles lay in wait behind the croes.

I looked at the situation for a really long time, like 8 minutes long (yay deathclock). I didn't feel it was quite feat turn yet, and decided to take out his main threats (biles and arcnodes). Again, he had nicely hidden one of the biles far enough back behind scav that I wasn't going to completely kill the unit and prevent excarnate, but it would limit it.

I started things off with uhlans charging into the ogrun, mostly because i wanted more practice getting impact attack timing correct. I killed one ogrun with the first impact attack, got greedy and tried to declare a further charge target and kill with the second, ended up failing; the third uhlan failed to kill even his charge target.

Widowmakers moved far enough back away from croes that stealth kicked in, shot 4 biles. Nyss got HoF swapped to them, killed one arc node through the croes and then the bile hiding behind the arcnode. Eliminators killed the remaining arc node and (critically) the last one sidestepped around into the croes, killing one and putting her further away toward the west.

Opp was pretty gutted by this, since he had a plan to use the arc node to tk vlad around, icy grip him, and then drag him into range of banes. Of course, problem with that being unless he dragged out of range of the dog, no backstrike bonus and +2 def offsets the icy grip.

He went ahead and excarnated one of the uhlans to get a bile, tried to get another one but didnt do enough damage. Biles got a good chunk of the kayazy but not one of the eliminators, and the boss toughed so banes had to finish him off. Scav hid in a gorman cloud with death ward, but had otherwise spent his focus. Croes forgot to move, made an attack against one of the uhlans and failed to kill it, forgot to shoot with other croes (which probably would have removed some nyss). Ogrun finished up the uhlans.

Nyss kept HoF, vlad charged spriggan to get in range, feated, rolled the minimum, put it on 3 nyss and the eliminator. Nyss zephyred out of combat as necessary, shot up scavvy with 2man cras for a decent chunk. WIdowmakers put 3 more on him, I got greedy and tried to aim with one that was just out of range. Eliminator wasn't going to get the gang bonus since her sis was dead, but still got the job done. Enough pow 12s do kill casters, especially if they're hitting on HoF 3s or boosted 4s.

Still, a hard fought game, fitting for what is apparently the 100th win.

I'm a little torn on spriggan in this list vs drago, no dog, add pEiryss to take care of focus campers. But spriggan is just too versatile, and the dog is potentially really stupid with eVlad (even though i think its better to spend points on stuff that kills the other guy).

50pts Vlad2 vs Cryx win

eVlad vs Harbinger

I sent my uhlans and bears very wide because of the feat. He was sufficiently intimidated (I probably didn't have anything, I could have gotten the uhlans in feat range next turn but definitely not HoF range) that he tried to assassinate vlad behind a wall. Harbinger did a cataclysm run after a -1 focus cost crusaders call for the extra distance; if he had boosted damage instead he probably would have won. As it was, vlad had a couple boxes left and martial paragon + some blood tokens + the strength bonus put her under.

so yeah, evlad seems risky, but a tourney 1st nevertheless.

35pts Vlad2 vs Menoth win

eVlad T4 vs Old Witch, distant flank scenario

my feat killed his torch + drakhun, weathered counterfeat by standing still and shooting off scrappys arcnode with HoF widowmakers. I won on scenario at dice down, zerker that came on as reinforcements had managed to trundle in range to contest, and markov was in control of my middle cp. Poor placement of the bears that ran out of Witch's feat though, allowing him to contest his far objective (he didnt have enough left to kill drago contesting his near objective).

35pts Vlad2 vs Khador win

just putting in placeholders for now, i'm almost a month behind on batreps

eVlad t4 vs pDeneghra, 3 flags

left vlad too close to drago with opportunity for scourge KD, but opp forgot to cast one chance, second chance arcnodes were engaged by IFP. I misused my feat as a counterfeat going after denny, really just lucky opp didn't put vlad down. It's not like I wasnt aware of the issue (i walked out of melee with a bane specifically because I didn't want to be near a low-def target), i just wasnt thinking about drago at all. I ended up winning on scenario.

35pts Vlad2 vs Cryx win

Battle Report 63

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Same eVlad list

max bombardiers
max uhlans
max kayazy + boss
max nyss + valachev

opp had his reznik tier list, although slightly different from what he had played before
steelhead cav
2 x steelhead halbs
2 x artillery
choir + mechanik + etc

Scenario was incursion, for lack of desire to play anything more complicated.

He ADed the artillery both on the side of the board facing my nyss, so I spent my first turn swapping sides between the nyss and the cav. I had considered spending my feat to move the nyss up and kill the artillery (I hate them that much), but wouldn't have been able to get all of them unless i rolled for 6 guys. As it was the bombardiers advanced towards them, and got shot for their troubles... yes bombardiers are so pitiful the same crap that kills arm11 single wound infantry kills them too because they're def: pitiful and get directly hit. I hadn't spread them out much so even the blast damage hurt them...

At any rate, for my one turn of actual shooting before the armies engaged, I tried to kill the cav with the nyss to get rid of the flank threat, but came up short. Bombardiers were still out of range to shoot the artillery. Kayazy spread out around the right flag and ran to engage, 2 uhlans ran to defend the left flag, the others stayed central with spriggan, waiting for a good charge target.

He killed one of the uhlans, the other was out of contesting range, but he didn't put anything into scoring position on the flag. Lucky deviations from vanquisher took out valachev. Steelhead CMAs killed a decent number of nyss and kayazy. He tried to trample the sanctifier over a kayazy grunt and the boss, but came up short on distance getting over the boss, and hadn't allocated focus to buy more attacks. That was pretty much what cost him the game (well, that and moving reznik over to the right a couple inches for reasons I'm not clear on).

I dithered around a bit, charging the spriggan at the vanquisher and seeing if I could maneuver enough nyss around to make a CRA on reznik worthwhile, but ultimately it was down to the kayazy. Vlad charged a steelhead to get his control area in the right place, put HoF on the kayazy, feated and rolled the max. Only 3 were going to get in on reznik, so I put the rest on the cav, figuring if nothing else they'd trash a jack and stay alive. Did my best to fail the assassination by forgetting... not HoF dice this time, but the +3 strength from the feat. Luckily I remembered halfway through, and that was that. As an aside, transference is handy; I boosted the boss' charge attack because I had the focus to burn, and rolled 1,1,1,6.

Again, the unsettling thing about evlad is feeling dependent on the opponent making a mistake and allowing a caster kill. I didn't have a chance of winning the attrition battle, that's for sure. I suppose it's possible to gear eVlad towards scenario, he's certainly got the speed for it, but the list I'm playing currently has a bunch of units to benefit from HoF, as opposed to the apparently standard super-solo approach, so it's not like I have things capable of easily grabbing objectives.

50pts Vlad2 vs Menoth win

Battle Report 62

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Same 50pt eVlad list as earlier in the evening

errants + ua
zealots + ua

I got first. Nyss had a caster kill opportunity beginning of my second turn, because there was a hill in the middle of the board & they would be able to see over infantry to kill sevvy. Showed opp how it would work, didn't actually do it b/c setting up only to play 5mins isn't too fun.

instead, nyss killed the zealot bearer & a few more zealots, but got too bunched up in doing so. front rank of kayazy ran to engage, held the rest back but in too linear of a shape.

sevvy ashes to ashes one of his jacks in the back, rolled 5 kayazy dead. repenter sprayed a few more dead due to my bad placement. zealots blew up most of the nyss and themselves.

I had mentioned earlier that bombardiers had arcing fire, but I think he forgot; there were two jacks intervening along LoS to sevvy, but the bombardiers were going to be able to shoot over. Feat got all 5 of them, was able to move them up (just barely) in range. With HoF it "only" took 2 or 3 of them to kill one of the defensively weakest casters in the game who only had 1 focus left on him. So uh, yeah, bombardiers redeem themselves?

I really need to see if using the feat to kill the opposing army can work, so far it's been all about assassinate or lose.

50pts Vlad2 vs Menoth win

Battle Report 61

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max bombardiers
max uhlans
max nyss + valachev
max kayazy + boss

both cav solos
halberdiers +ua
mhsf + ua

ran my stuff up. he thought he was gonna kill the nyss with mhsf, then remembered he wasn't playing ravyn. the nyss murderized them next turn, kayazy ran into melee, one uhlan ran into melee with both of his cav models & the rest hung back.

He didn't kill enough kayazy, he forgot about manticore covering fire to protect vyros. hid behind a jack and stuck an arcanist in the way, camped some focus.

Nyss killed the arcanist, kayazy killed vyros.

If he had remembered covering fire, I would probably have been stuck feating to kill his jacks, cause the bombardiers sure weren't going to get it done against a moderate camp.

50pts Vlad2 vs Retribution win

Battle Report 60

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Same scenario and lists, he went first this time.

MHSF was AD'ed opposite the nyss, there was pretty much no way to keep them away from them. I ended up keeping vlad and the uhlans back, sending the nyss out to die to his feat. This resulted in an attrition battle that I would end up losing - never got a good opportunity to feat onto anything more than 1 of his two cav; taking out both cav or his phoenix would have been worth it, but the phoenix was kept sufficiently far back, and skeryth got embroiled with the halbs and Cylena (who admittedly just refused to die, after several rounds). I had spriggan in the zone so wasn't going to lose on scenario soon, but charged vlad up anyway to create a kill-me-or-you-die situation. Skeryth was able to get disentangled from cylena and get onto vlad and kill him. I forgot about defensive strike, which would have dismounted him, but the uhlans blocking phoenix from vlad had been killed, and the couple of free strikes he would have taken from bombardiers wouldn't have been sufficient to stop him.

Main thing here being holding vlad and the uhlans back for a turn didn't really help. HoF on ranged units is nice but it doesn't seem like eVlad ranged attrition is as workable as pVlad. Spriggan's speed doesn't really match the nyss' for purposes of stealth mitigation, and bombardiers are obviously way too slow to be effective against stealth ranged troops I think a gun carriage might actually be good with him.

35pts Vlad2 loss vs Retribution

Battle Report 59

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Second time around, same scenario, same lists.

Went first again, this time he tried to screen ravyn from the nyss with the line of halbs. Nyss with HoF shot the corner off the line. Vlad charged up and feated, was only able to get 2 of the 3 uhlans in and was therefore way out of range to swap HoF to them, much less get in range to use transference. The bombardiers got the other feat targets, but they were way too far back to do much good, even after running first turn and the extra 3" from the feat.

Even without HoF or transference, even only getting 1 impact attack due to the angle and distance (and missing at that), even camping half her focus, the 2 uhlans splattered her.

Moral of this story is that even eVlad cant change the fact that bombardiers suck, and that being able to see exactly 16" is pretty critical to playing (or playing against) eVlad.

35pts Vlad2 vs Retribution win

Battle Report 58

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My tactical advisor told me to play eSorscha and eVlad for Lock & Load (pIrusk is a given). Never having played evlad before, he was the obvious first one to work on. Had to pare down my 50pts to 35, wanted to try the bombardiers to see if they were any good with him

min uhlans
nyss + valachev

opp had


Scenario was Restoration.

I got first. My second turn I put a full unit of nyss cras led by 4 feated grunts on ravyn. It didn't kill, at which point I realized I hadn't actually been rolling the extra die for Hand of Fate. I had spent for the upkeep on the unit, token was down, I just hadn't rolled the dice correctly. I pointed that out immediately, my opponent's response was to just stare blankly at me (he later said I was basically too strong of an opponent to cut any slack, then that at the time he thought HoF wasn't on them). So I just conceded and said lets play again, not much to learn from this one other than don't forget obvious things...

35pts Vlad2 loss vs Retribution

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