Battle Report 70

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WGI +UA +Rocket
Kayazy + Boss

beast handlers

Scenario was overrun, this was a big attrition slog.

I tarpitted the gators with kayazy, WGI killed half the nihilators early and didn't lose but 1 guy to the subsequent charge. I misjudged the distance of a rushed savage, he was able to engage the widows hiding in a forest, walked out and tried to shoot orrin but forgot he had stealthed. Number of kayazy died due to orrin rolling 3 dudes on chain lighting, krea helped kill another, but gators had no hope of hitting even with rerolls.

My feat turn i got a couple kayazy onto karn, leaving the gators free-er, so da bears had to go threaten them and (fail) to kill the savage, since i had to charge a widow in order to get LoS, and initial attack missed. Uhlans failed pretty miserably, did some minor damage to gladiator and brute, gators toughed multiple impact attacks. WGI finished off the nihilators.

His counterattack killed all the uhlans, most of the remaining kayazy, feated. shaman killed the savage trying to hit bears in melee, letting the bears go hold down the gators (didn't kill many, but toughed repeatedly and generally kept em in place). WGi eventually tracked down karn and shot him to death, after he killed some and fate walkered away.

Gladiator would have been just in range to get a trample through some infantry onto the spriggan, but spriggan got it first, killed him after bulldozing gator out of the way and taking a mnior free strike.

I was under time pressure, but opp would have already used up his clock if he was timing as well; total game length was like 2.5 hours. Having no other heavy hitters, he tried to kill the spriggan with naaresh and gators, no systems out. Spriggan and wgi charge didn't kill him, he killed the wgi to life drinker and heal up, cycloned out of combat to kill a few more wgi.

I had like less than a minute left, said lets see if irusk can get it done and then call it. Reinholdt reloaded, irusk fired all three shots, killed, naaresh toughed. Would have had 10 seconds left, enough for the remaining wgi to charge in and kill him just as time ran out... he didn't tough again. I guess that qualifies as a win? I dunno, things get a little fuzzy with one person timing and the other not.

Even with the +2 on the feat and battle lust, uhlans were pretty underwhelming. They mostly just held his stuff down for another turn; the only good charge targets I had were the gladiator, gators are definitely not what I want to be sending them against. Plus the leader was within range to get killed, denying the rest of the unit the benefit of the feat bubble (i made the tough roll on the last uhlan, who would have clogged things up considerably, then we realize he was no longer in). Small based large model count units definitely work better with his feat.

Opp thought I should swap them out for a devastator, which I think makes sense given the time pressure. Would have also helped with deployment, the wgi were too far to the west as a result of the uhlans taking up space. I also feel like the widowmakers were underutilized, gators were giving them lots of LoS problems. Bears are definitely better used as a battle-lusted counterpuncher; they tarpitted admirably, letting the wgi kill stuff instead of having to run over to the gators, but that was mostly down to tough rolls, which are unreliable.

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