Battle Report 58

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My tactical advisor told me to play eSorscha and eVlad for Lock & Load (pIrusk is a given). Never having played evlad before, he was the obvious first one to work on. Had to pare down my 50pts to 35, wanted to try the bombardiers to see if they were any good with him

min uhlans
nyss + valachev

opp had


Scenario was Restoration.

I got first. My second turn I put a full unit of nyss cras led by 4 feated grunts on ravyn. It didn't kill, at which point I realized I hadn't actually been rolling the extra die for Hand of Fate. I had spent for the upkeep on the unit, token was down, I just hadn't rolled the dice correctly. I pointed that out immediately, my opponent's response was to just stare blankly at me (he later said I was basically too strong of an opponent to cut any slack, then that at the time he thought HoF wasn't on them). So I just conceded and said lets play again, not much to learn from this one other than don't forget obvious things...

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You are too strong to cut any slack :P. That, and the people I try to cut the least slack are those I know are practicing up for tournaments. I may seem inconsistent on who gets slack and how much, but I try to be fairly consistent on it. Doesn't mean it actually is consistent, but I do try.

Anywho, dead serious when I counter conceded this game to you later on. Since you analyze every victory and loss, you tend to talk though how the game went, what you could have done differently, what you forgot, etc. At the time, I really did think you were saying that the move you should have done was had one spell up rather than the other spell (doesn't help I had no idea what eVlad did besides soup up his guys on feat).

As much as I enjoy claiming any victory over you (because it happens so rarely), I pretty much consider myself to have only beaten you once. This one like I said goes to you, and the third game that night is kind of a cheap victory, playing the exact same list, scenario, table, even your deployment three times in a row until I figured out how to use each part of my list to counter yours. Perhaps a good lesson in strategy for me, but still incredibly cheap.

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