Journeyman League Week 4 Game 1

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Shredders x 4
forsaken (cant remember if i took two, if so I was over by 1 pt)

bonejacks x 3

Yay, finally able to switch casters.

I tried to get saeryn in breath stealer range of erebus, screwed it up and slightly blocked carni's assault on slayer that could have sprayed scaverous. Seraph shot mechthrall in order to get to scaverous with the strafe, but missed him. Shredders got into melee with bonejacks where they could, the last one killed the mechthrall (and caught saeryn in the blast, need to watch out for that).

Erebus and slayer attacked carni and failed to kill him, scav ran away and tried to zap seraph but i had banishing ward up on him.

I went ahead and feated this turn, but didn't leave transfers and hadn't swapped banishing ward to saeryn, which was really a mistake. By the time I upkept and hit scav with a boosted breath stealer, I needed the remaining focus to heal carni's missing aspect. Carni tore up slayer leaving him with one good arm and not much else, went to attack erebus and got pushed away for missing, need to remember that. Seraph slipstreamed in order to push carni back into melee with the jacks and prevent shenanigans. I was originally going to have him shoot at scaverous but then realized I should charge; I hadn't started resolving anything so my opponent was kind enough to let me. Seraph didn't kill scav.

Next turn scav feated and went for the spell assasination via arc node and scarlock, failed to hit saeryn with anything. Seraph finished him after that.

Moral: Again a fail with fury management, but lucked out on not getting hit on his assassination attempt. Really the chances that he was going to be able to spell or shoot carni to death were pretty slim, so it would have been better to drop the respawn in favor of a transfer (or just not breathstealer scav, since his def isnt that great to begin with, or have swapped banishing ward to saeryn, or.... )

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