Tournament: WargamesCon 2011 Game 6

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Another light (another redeemer? I forget)

Beast somehow managed to get hit by ranged attacks in exactly the right columns and with sufficiently high damage to take out his movement early, and get caught on fire. Ugh. With hyper aggressive, he still managed to stumble into range of the wall of 4 jacks and thresher 2 of them on feat turn. Spriggan had previously charged and failed to kill, and was just close enough to be left in beast's thresher arc. Double ugh. I ran out of time on the feat turn even with extension and spending focus to boost rather than buy additional attacks, but he had enough boxes left on the two jacks in spriggan's range I don't think it would have mattered. The jacks finished spriggan, reznik moved up and finished beast.

Moral: Even if it was a fluke column and damage roll, I should have respected boostable ranged attacks more. This was also one of the few games where time pressure really hurt me, between being on fire, wasting time and boxes hitting my own jack with the thresher, etc. Also, I need to remember to resolve initial attacks before buying; there are so many times I'm at the very tip of spriggan's reach that I forget about the shield when I'm in .5"

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